To California Baby®'s Loyal Fans and Customers

JessicaFor over 17 years, I have been proud to be part of a pioneering brand. When I first started producing our Calming Shampoo & Bodywash in 1995, California Baby® was the first skincare company to create cleansers that contained purely plant-based ingredients instead of sulfates or other potential irritants.

With my continuing commitment to remaining at the forefront of the green and eco-friendly movement, I recently tweaked some of our ingredients, and the result are products that are even more safe, eco-friendly and fabulous than before. Many of the changes that I made bring us one step closer on our path to creating fully certified organic products. In brief, I removed a few non-essential and potentially irritating ingredients in some places, in others swapped one effective ingredient for another equally or more effective ingredient and introduced new and cutting edge eco-Green Chemistry ingredients to offer added benefits to our formulas. One of the changes about which some of you have asked is our use of sodium benzoate. This This ingredient is certified as allowed for use in organic skin care products by Ecocert, a certifying organization that set standard for organic cosmetics. After a thorough analysis of the newest safety data and extensive testing of the final products, we determined that it was a positive addition to our washes and bubbles.

Please know that I made small modifications in an effort to continue to bring you products made from the best, safest and most eco-friendly ingredients Mother Nature has to offer. (Click to read more about ingredients)

new productsTo help you identify the product you need, we have also improved our packaging with a new label design which features our California Baby®'s signature 'sunface'. With a more consistent branded look and simplified text and product descriptions, you will find it easier to find the product you need. And our new labels are even more eco-friendly. They're tree-free and made from calcium carbonate, so there's no need to remove the label when recycling. (Click to read About Us)

California Baby® will always be growing and evolving, so keep your eyes peeled for even more exciting brand additions and updates. For you adults who use California Baby products, you'll be thrilled to hear we're finally launching products made especially for adult skin (super hydrating night cream anyone?!).

We appreciate your loyalty and we want to assure you that we want to continue our dialog with you. Want to let us know how California Baby® products have helped you and your family? Or tell us about the new products you'd like to see us create? We'd love to hear from you! Drop us an email, reach out on Facebook, or contact us through the site. After all, you are the inspiration behind our brand and the reason we work to develop the best products possible.


Jessica Iclisoy, Founder and Developer of California Baby®


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