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10% off Handwashes

It's time to step-up your handwashing practices! Cold and flu germs are crawling about, so California Baby is helping kids (and parents) stay healthy by offering 10% off on all our Moisturizing Handwashes. Receive a free "How -To Wash Hands" static-cling guide with every Moisturizing Handwash purchase.
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Remember: Soap and washing for 20 seconds destroys germs!

For a refresher on the possible dangers of hand sanitizers and triclosan; click here to read Jessica's blog!


Handwash Guide

Handwashing in 5 easy steps!

1. Wet hands with warm water
2. Pump soap into palm
3. Rub hands together and sing "happy birthday" for 20 seconds
4. Rinse well
5. Dry well


the mOMtras

the mOMtras

Everyone loves a makeover! You may have noticed that Jessica's blog has been down. She's been busy giving it a whole new look, feel and name! Be sure to subscribe to the rss feed to get a peek into Jessica's practical and easy to follow advice, tips and ways to live green!
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Swimmers Defense


Up to 20% off
Swimmer's Defense

Summer Blend


15% off Summer
Blend SPF30+
Sunscreen Lotion

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